Penney releases first annoying catchphase in a decade.

Gopsian Stephen Penney released his first catchphrase in a decade last Friday, proudly announcing "Bish Bash Bosh: One in the Tosh!".

Penney, known for such catchprases in the past as "I haven't got a dog", "It's the law" and (the catastrophically erroneous) "Cools backwards is slooc", was perceived by many to be in retirement from this irritating habit of continually repeating meaningless phrases in a stream of endless conciousness, apart from the occasional mention of his lack of dog over the last few years.

Yet to be used in any form of context, the new catchphrase has already sparked much debate over what its meaning might be. However, Penney remains defiant in only using it during moments of silence, much to the irritatation of those present enjoying the peace and tranquilility.

"Bish Bash Bosh" was reportedly selected by Penney and his team of assistants from a final list that also included "Beega Boba!", "Justin me-timberlakes!" and "Milky shakey yardy bringy: boys!".