A very interesting subject. This is an account of a typical history lesson:

Timothy: Oh no, I'm going to fail everything and die horribly!
Ian & David: Shut up!
Timothy: No, but I've done really badly in this test. I'm going to fail my G.C.S.E.!
Ian: (smugly) I won't
Humpy: Duh
(Mrs McKay comes in)
Humpy: Err...
Timothy: Oh God! I've not done the 40-page essay on Sir John Kay-Shuttleworth's Threshing Machine Act League!
David & Ian: Neither have I!
Humpy: Duh, err... What's an essay?
(T, D and I start frantically writing)
Mrs McKay: Right, now guys, lets get down to it. The work, that is.
(She starts to write on the board)
David: Can you be bothered to do any of this?
Timothy: No. Let's discuss what a poor grade I'm going to get.
Ian: Lets colour in our rulers, then rub all the ink off!
David: Let's play 27-dimensional Go-Moku!
Timothy: We don't need to write down these notes.
After all...
Everyone: ...we can copy it all off Susannah!
Humpy: Duh! Err... What's Susannah?