Minsden Chapel 2004

Intrepid explorers David Edgar and Stephen Penney returned to Minsden Chapel on Halloween on a hair-raising ghost hunt.

Legend has it that the ghostly figure of a monk appears at this disused chapel at midnight on Halloween. In 1995 David Edgar and Stephen Penney ventured that way to confirm the myth one way or the other. They saw nothing, apart from a few drunk kids from Hitchin. It was, you might say, a complete waste of time.

On 31st October 2004, the two decided to repeat the experiment, and headed out of St Albans around 10pm, in time to arrive at a nearby pub for a quick pint or two. Unfortunately, after they were refused entry to the first pub, and arrived at a second just as it was being locked up, they realised it was a Sunday and the pubs closed half an hour early. They then were resigned to an hours wait in the car.

Shortly before midnight, they took the path from the Royal Oak pub up to the chapel. Surprisingly more people were gathered than on that dark evening nine years ago. Midnight came and went. No ghost appeared. Gradually, the rest of the assembled masses left the area dissapointed. Bert and Bob were not prepared to give up so easily however! They waited around for quite some time, taking photos of the site for future reference and analysing how the place had changed in the last few years.

Then, just as they were about to leave, a ghostly figure walked through the chapel, stopping only to do an impression of an upside-down rabbit. We were able to cature it's imagine before it dissapeared into the wall:

The ghost at minsden chapel. Yes it is

Yes, we know it looks surprisingly like David. The experience would have been enough to raise the hairs on the back of the neck of even the bravest of men, but Stephen and David were able to keep their cool throughout the experience. We were able to capture their cool, calm reaction upon seeing the ghost:


They retured to St Albans, satisfied with their find, but determined to return for more...