Poetry Corner

Celery, by Stephen Penney

If I had a Salary
I'd spend it on Celery
But I wouldn't use all of my Salary
Just to buy Celery
That would be Sillily.

Grantchester Orchard, by Stephen Penney

Grantchester Orchard
It makes you think that war should
End and that more should
be done to help the tortured.
In Grantchester
Does no plant fester
It's better than Leicester
and you can't test her.
No mound
That's unsound
can be found
On it's ground
And for about a pound
you can buy tea
or coffee
and drink your tea
or coffee
'neath a tree in a deckchair
they put there
You know,
You really should GO
to G.O.

My dog, by Stephen Penney

My dog is better than yours
My dog can do anything better than you
It's better than this
It's better than that
It's better than you at everything
There's nothing you can do
That my dog can't
There's nothing you can say
That my dog can't say better
My dog is wonderful
Compared to you.
The thing is
I haven't even got a dog

What do I care, by Stephen Penney

My Wife is ill
My Dog is dead
My House has burnt to the ground
The world's at war
People are dying
And even those that aren't
Are miserable.
My Company has gone bust
My Car's been crushed
And my Children are on drugs.
But I've been dead for a year now:
What do I care?

Technomaniac's Rooftree, by Stephen Penney

There are many anagrams of
technomaniac's rooftree
is not one of them
race car is not one of them

Poo, by David Edgar

Poo is tasty
Poo is blue
I'm a poo
And so are you