Ispog Pub Guide

Here follows a complete guide to all the pubs of Ispog.

The Ispog Arms

Open 10.45am - 11am & 12pm-1pm Weekdays, Closed Sundays
Beer Served: Penney's MegaFerret, Penney's MonsterFerret, Lemonade, Diet Lilt, Various guest ales.
Food served occasionally. Extensive menu consisting of monster munch, sponge cake, swiss roll, saussage rolls, too much chocolate, and Timothy's fudge.

The Black pole and other two poles.

Open 11am-11pm Mon-Sat, 12pm-10.30pm Sun.
Beer Served: Penney's MegaFerret, Penney's MonsterFerret, Various guest ales.
Food served weekly.

The Doantcum Inn

Open 12pm-12.05pm Weekdays, 4am-5am Saturday, Closed Sundays.
Beer Served: No Real Ale at time of survey
Bring your own food and avoid using the lift.

The Squashed Mouse

Open by appointment only, All day Sunday.
Beer Served: Penney's Megaferret.
Food served most lunchtimes, but best avoided.

The Funny Black Globe

Currently closed for refurbishment. Beer served: Penney's Megaferret, Monsterferret, Psychoferret, Deadferret. Deuchers IPA, Greene King IPA, Abbott. Adnams Broadside. Fuller's London Pride, Chiswick. Timothy Taylor Landlord. Oakham's JHB. Loads of others, but I was wankered by the time I'd got to them.
Food Served all day from an extensive menu.
Bar Games: Rounders, It-on-the-yellow-lines, Cross Country Running, Hillwalking, Connect Four.
The smallest pub in the UK!

The Logcab Inn

Open whenever you can be bothered to build it. Closed by request.
Beer Served: None.
Various bar games available, including "Toss the Christmas Tree", "Destroy the Branch", "Draw on the wall", "Smash the record player", and the locals' favourite - "Stamp on the yoghurt".