French cultural crisis - day 2

Philblock Walzniczki reporting from Paris, France.

"C'est la Guerre!" screamed this morning's newspapers. Even normally restrained Le Monde called for "Paris contre Politesse" as the crisis in French cultural values deepens.

Since yesterday's catastrophic outbreak of American-style customer service in Paris, the city has been in turmoil, at a loss to know how to cope with this onslaught of perceived US cultural imperialism.

In the St Germain des Pres district, local councillors rushed through a by-law to compel dog-owners to take their pets to defecate on the pavement or face a spot fine, in order to re-assert French values in the quarter.

At the Channel Tunnel, French farmers have been piling up dead sheep in an effort to block the entrance, following rumours that the outbreak had entered France through the tunnel.

In Paris, where metro workers are on semi-permanent strike, drivers have upped tools in protest about the dangers to their lifestyle presented by the so-called "Americanisation".

But what way forward is their for a government that has already vacillated about what course of action to take, and still seems to have no clear plan.

A source inside government circles revealed to us that, "They probably won't do anything now until the month after next in order not to breach 35 hour week regulations, plus the 7 bank holidays we have coming up."

Gestures of support came from around the world including Chinese officials who blamed the disaster on "the US intefering in the internal affairs of other countries."