What do you think?

The Election

This week, the Nation will objectively select it's government. Who are you going to vote for?

"Sod the election, who's going to be next to be voted out of Big Brother?"
Ranjit Mandel
"Vote Tory! William Hague said he'll be bringing down taxes AND putting more money into public services. Hell, I believe him!"
John Garthor
Systems Analyst
"I'm gonna, like, vote Conservative. Y'know, to keep the Tories out like."
James McJob
"I was going to vote Lib Dem until my Conservative candidate came round. What a nice man. Hang on there's someone at my door..."
Joan Halfing
"I don't like any of them, but I'll be putting a big cross next to Labour so they won't get in."
Suzanne Howard
"It's pointless voting, because after the election we're all going to die! Die I tell you! Ha ha ha ha ha!"
Dean Portman
Quantity Surveyor