The History and Chronology of Gopsi and the Black Poles

The black pole and the near surrounding area was put in place on the 9th of June 1964 A.D. on the site of the former chemistry lab. which had been exploded by a distant ancestor of Richard Young Esq. in the Autumn of the previous year. It is rumoured that it lies on the site of a Romano-Britain brothel. We found an ancient patterned mosaic flooring there, which depicted scenes of a lewd nature.

The official opening of the pole was on the 24th June 1964 A.D. At this time it was painted a delightful sky blue. Unfortunately this festival was marred by a flower-power student demonstration which contained people throwing paint bombs, one of which, to the great dismay of the assembled company, landed near and splashed the pole with a paint of a turquoise hue. Even today, traces of that turquoise can be seen.

On the 17th October 1972 A.D. the noble pole was painted a burgandy-red in honour of its services to mankind and was kept at this shade until 29th February 1980 A.D. when it was daubed black and known from that day on as "THE BLACK POLE" !!!!!!!

From the 3rd year (1991-2), TD and DE began searching for a place to seek spiritual fulfilment (i.e.have lunch). They came and sat at the front of the hall next to the dustbin, but this area was poached by Xyphias and 2short and therein commenced a great and glorious war, caused by the intolerable and entirely unprovoked harassment with apple juice 2short subjected these victimised individuals to.

This war was gloriously won when, one rainy day, by divine inspiration, TD and DE made the inspired tactical decision to declare victory, and then retired to the omnipotent black pole. Not long afterwards, on the 15th January 1992 A.D. the first experimentations in the sophisticated art and science of pole-sliding began. Soon pole-sliding developed into a cult and non-sadistic sport, with its own system of awards.

Before long, many other individuals attended the gatherings at the Pole, and eventually Gopsi was formed.

~/12/90Rolls known to have been in existence (were removed from desk)
?/summer/91French Encounters (2 trips)
7/1/93DE, SP, RY do "solar collectors" experiment in phys. The solar collector cools their water down for some reason.
29/1/93SP finds rubber ball at black poles.
3/2/93RY and AC kidnap Ernie. RY and SP draw on ernie. RY hacks at Ernie with a compass and snaps him in half.
Trip to Simonshyde, RY throws half of Ernie out of minibus window on the way.
4/2/932nd trip to Simonshyde. At break, a plan for Ernie's funeral is devised. Alistair will conduct it, Bridget will translate it into Jewish (sic), SP will translate it into Venusian.
5/2/93Ernie's funeral, plan thrown out window. TD conducted it, DE reads lesson (Rev 13).
Trial of SP - SP found guilty of accessory to murder and other minor charges, but let off.
Trial of RY - RY found guilty of murder, sentenced to have his testicles removed by Bridget's teeth.
3rd visit to Simonshyde
9/2/93Ainsley and Rhyce's technology presentation.
10/2/93Technology presentation.
17/3/93Radio player at black poles
3-5/5/93First Pogopsi youth-hostelling trip (Kemsing)
9/6/93SP translates untim--otiun into morse code
1/7/93Pruning of Graham
19/7/93David suggests lake district trip in next year's summer holidays
22/7/93SP and TD climb over tables in hall to door at the back.
31/8/93Tax-disc date on Nurse's car
1/9/93Pogopsi prom visitation - TD, DE, IJ
3/9/93First Gopsi visit to Wick at lynch
1/11/93SP and DE hide coat in cupboard in Chem.
3/11/93Re-writing of agreement
10/11/93Ian spills yoghurt over first year at poles
12/11/93First and only attempt to plant plant in Gopsi garden failed - plant uprooted
2/12/93BTEC moderation. Lots of laughing.
20/12/93Gopsi Christmas lunch at black poles with carol singing. Everyone feels sick after TD's fudge.
7/1/94Gopsi snowball fight at the Wick at lunchtime - SP, DE, TD, SF, RH, AC
13/1/94DE first to see tarmac over swings & bubbling pipe in lake (at Wick).
17/1/94Cooper effect observed
17/1/94DE and SP in PSE watch interviews video (with sad bloke going "Yes" at the end). The class is asked (by burke) if they want to see any of it again. The class said "Yes, all of it" so we watch the whole thing again.
9/2/94Gopsi party (For IJ and BK)
27/2/94The Dean's party (for his installation) in the nave
17/3/94DE stamped on IJ's Yoghurt at lynch - all over Nurse's car - see 31/8/93
25/3/941st Swing trip to Clarence park
30/3/9427 swing trip at lynch (ZD, TD, DE, IJ)
31/3/94Kidnapped Robert for birthday party at SP's house
1-9/4/94The Latin Trip
116 (single) trips on the monorail at Gatwick (the hub without the hub-bub). Arrived at hotel at 01:00.
2Visited Vatican
3TD/DE/IJ got up late and missed breakfast. Visited the forum, the Colosseum and Ostia.
4Visited Catacombs of St. Callisto. Travelled to Sorrento.
5Pompeii and Naples museum of archaeology
6Herculaneum, and up Vesuvius
7Visited Paestum
8, 9Morning in Sorrento; back home at 02:20.
18/4/94R.E. - "Sexism" poster by DE and SP
21/4/94SP and DE to SP's unmentionable place
27/4/94DE cycled to Hatfield at lynch along railway track
28/4/94Gopsi log cabin built at lunch (behind hall)
29/4/94DE forgets to hand in absolutely essential biol. assessment after doing it
12/5/94Kevin M. Snoad's "Corrosion" moved at lynch to SP's house
13/5/94"Corrosion" moved to wick in wheel-barrow
19/5/94Car number plate posted in SP's house. SP posts it to DE.
20/5/94Gopsi Photos at lynch
29/6/94Gopsi picnic in Verulamium park. Romans sighted
1/7/946th Form Conference trip to London. Visited the Post Office Museum (followed by the visit to the National Theatre, the MOMI or the Imperial War Museum)
8-14/7/94Y.H. trip to Lake district. Turd competition begins
8Eskdale Y.H.
9To Buttermere Y.H., via Wasdale, Blacksail Pass and Scarth Gap
10Up Robinson. Came down wrong way. Cold and wet. Stayed at Longthwaite (Borrowdale) Y.H. Met Roy, and Roy's Friend
11High Close (Langdale) Y.H. The Gopsi newsletter named - SHAG (Silly handout about Gopsi).
12Windermere Y.H.
13DE/IJ up High Street Ridge (+ Troutbeck Tongue!). TD/ZD/SP along Windermere (got lost, I believe...). Windermere Y.H. again
22/7/94Bernard Haitink prom and visit to the Bank Of England Museum
12/8/94DE cycled to (Arnold) Barton-le-clay
18/8/94Ian's tyre thrown over the hedge into railway cutting
25/8/94G.C.S.E. Results day. Enough said
14-19/9/94DE Records 120h turd
19/9/94Speech on "The candela, unit of luminous intensity" - DE and SP
21/9/94ZD sells SPs lawnmower to Emmie
4/10/94Young Project Engineer Interviews
6/10/9414 Post boxes said "Hello" to by DE and SP, also most by IJ
?/10/94Geology trip to Arran - only SP & DE, but not IJ, went swimming on 13/10/94 due to IJs geological absence
3/11/94First YPE trip to Grazeby Medical in Watford
6/11/94First Gopsi Fireworks party
10/11/94New Gulshan, then to the Crown (DE> this was my first pint...)
25/11/94First Gopsi International Lottery (It Could Be You)
29/11/94Start of School BonkBank
1/12/94IJ/SP/DE went swimming at Bricketwood for a half hour swim with a whole coach and pool to ourselves (+ Mr Cooper!)
31/12/94Gopsi New year's eve party at Ian's house
5/1/95GCSE Certificate Presentation evening
9/1/95Got a SHAG
26/1/95YPE thing at Wheathampstead with the door and the near deaths
18-22/2/95Pogopsi Y.H. trip to Edale, Peak District
18to Edale (train via Luton/Sheffield). Losehill/Ward's Piece, Back Tor, Mam Tor & Lord's Seat on Rushup Edge.
19Kinder Scout (up via Jacob's Ladder): Kinder Downfall, Kinder Low, lunch @ Edale Rocks. Lost near north edge... back in time (just) for evening meal. In trouble for buying wine in the youth hostel!
20IJ/DE Pike Low & Win Hill, walked round Ladybower Reservoir
21IJ/DE Brown Knoll, Mount Famine, South Hill/Head, back along Pennine Way
22IJ/DE Mam Tor (again). Home.
2/3/95DE ruined Chem experiment. YPE to Grazeby Medical in Watford. late for 10:37 train. Got 11:30 one instead.
3/3/95Snow-ball fight in Wick. Ditch frozen over; but not the pond.
10/3/95School bank. Got into Yapp's area... (username: GYZZ / password: password).
17/3/95Entire Further Applied looking at Simon's fractals.
21/3/95Warwick University visit (Chem / Phys depts)
5/4/95YPE set up.
6/4/95YPE presentation day. Gold CREST award! The infamous day of orange juice, wine, trying to hack into the computer, writing the presentation 10 minutes before giving it etc. etc.
7/5/95Watched 'True Romance' @ Ian's. Then to Bernard's Heath
10/5/95Leeds Uni visit
12/5/95Cambridge Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics visit. Lost John in HMV.
18/5/95Manchester Uni visit. Went on trams. TD/DE lost SP/IJ in HMV.
19/5/95Conservation - putting up way-mark post. Pigeon 35 mins late for phys lesson.
22/5/95IJ eats buttercup and nearly dies (they cause swelling of the intestinal tract). Latin exam paper 1.
25/5/95Latin exam paper 2.
15/6/95Imperial College Maths visit
28/6/956th form leavers party (year above) @ Rugby Club.
29/6/95School concert (Minuet & Trio; Dvorak - Slavonic Dances; Lloyd-Webber compilation; Procession of the Sardar; Pomp & Circumstance)
30/6/95SP/DE to Symondshyde. Then conservation.
5/7/95TD passes driving test.
12/7/95TD/DE to Minsden Chapel in Timothy's car.
13/7/95John Hegley reading poems in school library.
14/7/95DE ruined chem assessment (don't remember how this one was ruined...)
21/7/95TD crashes car. Writes off it and another.
22/7/95DE crashes bike
19/9/95DE kidnapped, taken to Smallford...
20/9/95Simon locks Pali in the cupboard in Further Pure
28/9/95First conservation nr Building Research Station in Bricket Wood
30/9/95Joy & Wayne's 18th in Harpenden. DE & SP very drunk.
31/10/95SP and DE go to Minsden Chapel. There at midnight, but see no ghosts.
4/11/95Fireworks party @ Stephen's. Bangers in dustbin.
25/11/95Party @ Zack's
6/12/95James Brown & David Smith stole a Christmas tree for the common room
31/12/95New Year @ Ian's
17/1/96that stupid woman came in on events day and spouted vast quantities of shite about world peace
20/1/96SP, IJ, ac to hogshead
29/1/96tasting SP's homebrew at lunch
30/1/96Pigeon said 'It's 81 degrees!'. What about?
6/2/96School inspectors tell Cooper to give more homework
13/2/96SP & DE to manchester
14-18/2/96DE staying with IJ and family in Braithwaite. Walked up many of the fells in the north and north-western lake district.
3/3/96Andrew's bday. To Cock.
4/4/96To Robert's to celebrate his birthday
22/4/96Events day, off school - did Gopsi tape at Stephen's
24/5/96Last proper school day ever
13/6/96Physics A-Level practical exam - this was the one for which David woke up 5 minutes beforehand and arrived late!
27/6/966th form Leavers Party @ London Colney Football Club.
28/6/96Gopsi meal @ Jade Garden, then Cock.
15/8/96A-levels result day
16/8/96Stephen's bday. Went to Cock & then Zack's house
26/8/96David's bday. Hare & Hounds, Goat, Garibaldi.
30/8/96Zack & Richard played at Alma Rd Youth Club - 'The Pipeliners'
4/9/96Physics Reunion at Cross Keys
6/9/96Gopsi prom. First to National Portrait Gallery, then Greenwich, then Science Museum. Then Debussy, Prokofiev, & Stravinsky (The Fire Bird).
9-10/9/96Great Gopsi walk back from the pub - bus to Whitwell, walked to Red Lion @ Preston, then to Royal Oak @ Chapelfoot. Walked back via Minsden Chapel, Ayot St Lawrence, etc. etc.
11/9/96Maths Reunion at Blacksmith's Arms. Played Pictionary!
31/12/96-1/1/97party @ Zack's house. Timothy sick. Porridge in a wok at 5.30 am. Home at about 7.00 am.
8/4/97printed most of Gopsi Encyclopedia
9/4/97completed encyclopedia!
12/4/97Gopsi Encylopedia launch party. Then to Goat!
13-16/7/97SP Visits Cambridge. Timothy falls off punt.
24/7/97hand bell ringing at Stephen's
10/9/972 proms. Simon Rattle's autograph.
5-7/12/97Ian, David to Stephen's at Pontypridd. Had curry. Went to pub. Christmas party at Cardiff. Took lots of carrots. Lost in Cardiff. Saw bell-ringing
31/12/97New Year at Zack's in London.
1/1/98To John's house for breakfast!
7/4/98John DJ'd at Horn of Plenty [I think that was before the name changed]
18/4/98SP and ZD take an impromptu trip to Leicester.
31/12/98Meal / party @ Ian's
6/2/99Ian's 21st. London. Attempted to see Marx's grave. Failed.
24/4/00Pub crawl round all the pubs in Redbourn.
17/2/01Zack does gig (as one of Emay) at Acoustic Cafe, Soho
31/1/02Encyclopedia official online launch
28/8/02Timothy and Lijun get married
18/4/03Pogopsi geocaching trip - ZD, DE & SP find 5
19/4/03Pub crawl round all the pubs in Elstree.
16/8/03SP's birthday. Drinking in London. SP & DE end up sleeping on the grass outside Euston until the first Thameslink the next morning (while Zack went home).
14/10/03Gopsi Tape recordings released
29/12/03Second pogopsi geocaching trip - DE & SP find 3
12/4/04Corrosion, the first pogopsi geocache set up in the wick (DE & SP). Cache page from
15/4/04Gaz, from user "GAZ, NES and LAYLA" becomes the first to find the Corrosion cache.
28/5/04Meal at Michelangelos.
30/5/04TD, DE & IJ visit British Museum + third pogopsi geocaching trip - DE & TD find 2.
31/5/04Fourth pogopsi geocaching trip - DE, SP & IJ find 1. Also DE & SP visit the Corrosion cache for maintainence, and visit Minsden Chapel in the afternoon.
2/7/04Andrew and Amel get married in Glasgow
23/7/04Andrew and Amel get married again, this time in St Albans
31/10/04Second Halloween visit to Minsden Chapel by SP and DE
25/07/05Geocaching trip - found Lambeth parks cache
14-18/08/05Lake District trip + found 3 geocaches
20/08/05Zack and Amanda's engagement party. Arrr!
24/12/05Christmas Eve visit to the Farrier's Arms
27/12/05Meal at the New Gulshan, followed by a visit to The Crown
21/04/06Eamon Bashir Clark is born.
13-14/05/06Zack's stag weekend.
21/05/06Zack and Amanda get married.